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Hi, I'm Dr. Shani Roffeh


I'm a Dr. Shani Roffeh has a law office in Israel that deals with civil and criminal litigation, and cyber law - computers and the Internet.

Dr. Roffeh is an accredited expert witness for cyber, computer and internet related issues. As well as providing expert opinions and testimony  before the courts, and for public defense, public and private companies in Israel, she also submits opinions in these areas to courts and legal authorities around the world.

She is an established author having written six books in the  fields of law and technology. Two of her works are available in the libraries of all Israeli courts. Her seventh book will be published in August 2021.

Dr. Roffeh has lectured at the Israeli Academy and the Bar Association in the fields of law and technology for many years and serves as an arbitrator and mediator in cases with a technological nature.

Dr, Shani Roffeh,  Adv

Miron 5, Oranit, 4481300, Israel


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