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Terms and Conditions for product purchases



  1. These terms are composed using the male form purely for convenience and should not be seen in any way as being detrimental to women and/or any other gender.

  2. The site, “"Dr. Shani Roffeh - Domain's and Website's valuation", (hosted at (Hereafter: the “Site”) is a site owned by BMA Ltd., IL, Company registration 516230984 and is intended for use by internet users. The site sells products such as: Valuation of a site’s value, and an estimation of a Domain’s stand-alone value. The site may, in the future, sell other products in this field. 

  3. Contact details: Dr. Shani Roffeh, 28 HaArba’ah Street, North Tower, Fifth floor, Tel Aviv, Israel. Email: Tel: 03-9080934.  Fax: 03-9080939.

  4. These terms and conditions constitute an agreement between the Site and those requesting a site and/or domain valuation. Acceptance of these terms through the use of a digital signature constitutes a declaration by the client and/or the internet user that they have read and understood all that is contained in these terms and that they agree to them. The terms constitute a binding contract between the client and/or person registering on the site and the site.

  5. For the avoidance of doubt it is stated that all those acting through and/or on the site and/or all those wishing to take action on and/or through the site do state and agree that they are aware of the site’s terms and conditions and agree to them in all aspects and that they and/or their representatives shall have no claim and/or suit, whether directly and/or indirectly, against the site’s owner and/or its operators and/or those operating on their behalf on the site in all matters relating to the purchase of products and/or services offered on the site.

Terms of Use

  1. All those aged 18 and above are eligible to use the site providing said users are not subject to the Israeli Legal Capacity and Guardianship law – 1962. In addition, all legally formed and accredited companies are eligible to use the site. A precondition for use of the site is that all those  wishing to use the site’s services and/or products must have a valid, internationally recognized credit card and/or a PayPal account as well as a valid email address and a mobile phone number to facilitate identification and the delivery of information, invoices and any other data.

  2. Without limiting or detracting from any of the aforementioned, a precondition for use of the site is agreement  for the debiting of credit cards and monetary transfers by Max Ltd., according to the Israeli Privacy Protection Law – 1981 and Israeli Privacy Protection (Information Protection) Law – 2017 (Hereafter: the “Law” and/or “Regulations”). The site does not save and/or retain any details of this sort.

  3. The site and/or the company and/or any of its employees shall bear no responsibility whatsoever, whether directly or indirectly for any instance when a purchase is not accepted by the system and/or any technical problems and/or any other problems that prevent the purchaser from receiving their purchase.

  4. The company reserves the right to close the site and cancel all sales and/or transactions at its sole discretion.

  5. Without limiting or detracting from any of the aforementioned, if any factors and/or events that are not under the site owner’s and/or its operator’s control delay and/or prevent the fulfillment of product purchases and/or services whether in full or partially, and under any circumstances, and/or the supply of products advertised on the site is impaired due to computer faults and/or cellular faults and/or any other communication factors involved in the completion of the transaction, and/or stoppage and/or labor action and/or extended military reserve duty and/or any other factor that is defined as force majeure, prevent and/or  hinder the purchase and/or supply of products, the site is authorized cancel the transaction whether in whole or in part.


  1. The site undertakes to use details provided by the user when using the site’s services according to the instructions of Israel Privacy Protection Law of 1981 as well as the Israeli Privacy Protection (Information Protection) Law – 2017. Acceptance of these terms constitutes the user’s acceptance of this usage.

  2. When making a purchase on the site the purchaser will be required to provide the system with the following details: ID/Company registration number, First and last names, Company name, telephone, address (including ZIP code), email, and details regarding the site and/or domain as well payment details.

  3. It should be noted that the supply of false information and/or details is a criminal offence and that legal proceedings will be taken against all those providing false information and/or details.

  4. By signing this agreement, the user agrees to the site sending them periodic informational emails.

  5. The site is authorized to use details provided by the user and any information gathered relating to their use of the site to make improvements to the services and/or products the site supplies, to contact the user and that any such information shall not personally identify the user.

  6. Without limiting or detracting from any of the aforementioned, use of the site and its products and/or services, including these Terms and Conditions of Use, is subject solely to Israeli law. The sole legal jurisdiction for any disputes involving the site and/or its services and/or their use and/or any related issues is solely that of the Tel Aviv-Jaffa court.

Payment and the provision of digital products

  1. The prices displayed on the site include VAT unless explicitly stated otherwise. Payment for the provision of digital products is immediate and a tax invoice/receipt and confirmation email will be sent automatically after final payment.

  2. It is pointed out and should be noted that as the products/services provided are digital products/services – refunds are not possible due to the fact that the site is unable to prevent the use of the product after its supply.

Damage liability

  1. The site and/or the company and/or Ms. Shani Roffeh will not be liable for any damage, direct or indirect, financial or other, caused by the use of the site and/or a valuation report and/or opinion provided after the completion of the process and/or any information and/or details appearing in it and/or on any external sites even if the site received information regarding the possibility of damages occurring.

  2. Without limiting or detracting from any of the aforementioned, those using the site, receiving services and/or reports and/or those receiving site/domain valuations and/or opinions  shall have no claims and/or demands and/or suits of any kind whatsoever against the site and/or against the company and/or against Ms. Shani Roffeh including her employees and representatives and/or the writers, valuation, and consultant  teams and those involved in its compilation.

  3. Without limiting or detracting from any of the aforementioned, no opinion and/or valuation document should be seen as a guarantee that the asset will be sold at the estimated price and/or as a guarantee of any results directly or indirectly related to the estimated value.

  4. It is further stated that the site is not responsible for any content sent and/or included in the site by any third party and/or parties.

  5. By entering the site, the user gives his consent and agreement that the site shall hold no responsibility and/or liability for any threatening content and/or behavior. Nor shall the site be responsible and/or liable for any slanderous, obscene, harmful, insulting and/or any injurious or illegal comments made by any other agents and factors. Neither shall the site be responsible and/or liable for any infringements to intellectual and other rights by a third party.

Additional Conditions

  1. The site’s operators reserve the right to periodically change and/or alter the site’s Terms and Conditions and/or the purchasing terms in part or in full and without being required to provide any advance notice of such changes.

  2. The site accepts no responsibility and/or liability for any payments made to a bank and/or changes to monthly refunds during the year.

  3. Without limiting or detracting from any of the aforementioned any decisions taken are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.

  4. The company makes every effort to provide the most reliable and accurate information possible with regard to the valuation of a site and/or domain and states that it is possible that partial data and information may make it impossible to provide a reasonably accurate valuation.

  5. The sites sees as its purpose the provision of information and content of the highest standards. However, it is stated and understood that the content of the site and/or an opinion and/or valuation document do not constitute a guarantee and the sale of the asset at the estimated price and/or of any results of any kind.

  6. Good luck!

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